Application monitoring
How to monitor SIKULIX-SCENARIO?

ServicePilot appmon-sikulix-scenario

What is SikuliX Scenario?

SikuliX Scenario is a testing solution for applications. It automates tests for what you see on the screen of your Windows computer.

This is very useful when there is no easy access to a GUI's internals or the source code of the application or web page you want to act on.

You can enjoy using SikuliX to automate simple repetitive tasks without learning one of the supported scripting languages using the SikuliX IDE (Python, Ruby, Javascript).

This package creates an object that can receive SikuliX scenario data over HTTP(S).

SikuliX Scenario monitoring

ServicePilot can receive indicator data directly from SikuliX scenario scripts over HTTP(S). This package provides the ability to receive a SikuliX scenario execution status, message and run times each time a SikuliX scenario script is run.

Threshold and monitoring policies might need to be applied, depending on the scenarios run.

This package can be cloned and renamed to form the basis of a custom SikuliX scenario data receiver that can be tailored to the scenario parameters expected to be received. In particular if text indicator data is expected then a new package will be needed.