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Monitoring email servers

It is essential that your email servers function properly as they are critical components of communication within the company. Monitoring SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols allows you to calculate their availability 24/7.

Monitoring email servers

Monitoring Active Directory servers

Measure the changes made by users and analyze the connection attempts for your security compliance audits with ServicePilot Windows Active Directory monitoring and analytics.

Monitoring Active Directory servers

DNS and DHCP services analysis

To be active on an IP network, devices and workstations must log in and register to obtain their IP address. ServicePilot ensures that it is possible to obtain a DHCP lease on the network you are in, and that name resolution is operational with the DNS servers.

DNS and DHCP services analysis

We installed the ServicePilot agent on our servers and the monitoring of all our office applications started immediately.

ServicePilot Exchange, LDAP, DNS, … monitoring

Ready to use

In a few minutes, you will be able to monitor and diagnose better than you ever did before all your usual applications.

Flexible and complete

Monitor Windows, Linux, and virtual servers as well as your applications via SNMP, WMI or agent deployments.

From a global view to the detail

Intuitive and convivial dashboards offer the visibility of your office applications at a glance.

Guaranteed detail

You can quickly zoom in to the problems associated with the operating system, disks, memory, network interface and application processes.

Free installation in a few clicks