Data integration via API, customs scripts...

Integration and monitoring of custom scripts and data

Custom data collection with API

ServicePilot has an API that can be powered by Syslog reception. It is then possible to automatically create resources from existing scripts with different performance indicators and add this to your application chain in maps, to generate alerts and build contextual dashboards.

Custom data collection with API

Data integration via Syslog and SNMP Trap

In addition to traditional monitoring, ServicePilot allows you to integrate events in Syslog or SNMP trap format or to analyse log files. The ability to create categorization rules allows you to fine-tune the management of alarm levels on received messages.

Data integration via Syslog and SNMP Trap

Integration of customs script results

To supplement your monitoring with scripts you have already developed, a integration of the results of scripts is possible in ServicePilot. The Remote Command Collector allows the operation and instrumentation of remote commands to monitor the results in ServicePilot. The NRPE Conmmand Status integration allows you to retrieve the status of commands created in Nagios.

Integration of customs script results

ServicePilot's script and data recovery saved us considerable time in our deployment.

API and scripting integration with ServicePilot


Easy to configure, the API allows you to communicate to a non-standardised outside world.


Script integration is quick and easy for a guaranteed increase in productivity.


The API can be used to receive data, extract data or manage provisioning.

Keep investment

The time spent on scripting is valued in ServicePilot monitoring.

Free installation in a few clicks