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How to monitor IIS?

ServicePilot appmon-iis

What is IIS monitoring?

IIS, Internet Information Services (formerly known as Internet Information Server) is an extensible web server created by Microsoft for its Windows environments.

The ServicePilot IIS application package collects counters pertaining to IIS server usage.

Web servers form the basis of many enterprise applications. In order to provide real full-stack performance visibility over IIS application dependencies, several packages can be added to fill in your application topology map and monitoring: Microsoft .NET traces, Windows counters, IIS application logs, HTTP(S) web tests and scenario, Microsoft SQL server and more.

Microsoft IIS application monitoring

This package monitors Microsoft IIS server counters collected using WMI. Details collected include:

  • Microsft IIS activity: Bytes sent and received, Uptime, Current and maximum connections, Number of requests...
  • Microsoft IIS summary: Exit code, Execution time, Total Websites, Started and Stopped Websites...
  • Microsoft IIS Website: AppPool State, Website State, Connections per second...
Application monitoring IIS 0

Application monitoring IIS 1

Application monitoring IIS 2

Application monitoring IIS 3